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sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2016



- On November 29, 2016 on a Tuesday, unfortunately, for the statistics increases, what would become one of the most moving air crash, the plane that carried the athletes, leaders, journalists and crew crash. At dawn on Tuesday a total of 75 people died and of the 81 who were in the aircraft only 6 survived. From the moment of the tragedy until all the procedures for the transfer of the bodies, Brazil and Colombia united to the rest of the world the commotion lasts until today 03 of December of 2016; We do not know until when this commotion goes ... The fact is that the relatives of the victims will already forget the fatality. This fatality that certainly touched God, it seemed that God sent his feelings through the waters that kept falling in the form of tears. It is known that God is love and that He is a God of feelings.
"The world mourns the tragedy we are experiencing right now. Adults and children come with their cell phones, tablets, computers and TV sets. It is not a commotion that is being only by pain, but by the way it happens. Everyone knows that Tragedies have been the same or worse than these. How to forget the tragedy of Mariana city of Minas Gerais, where 17 people died and about 500 were rescued alive? The Boat Kiss fire in Santa Maria RS, where they died, where 240 people died in 2013? Hurricane Matthew left 877 people dead in Haiti. And at this moment the pain hits the doors of Brazilians and Colombians.
"We do not know how, when or where the next catastrophic event will be. We do not know who the victims will be. We believe it will not be us. Of course we will not be us, but we are going to tell or be part of the story. That is why pain and solidarity is within each one.
- Life ends the coexistence of almost everyone who was inside the aircraft of our means. Life, as we say in banal sayings, ends only for those who die! It's true, life only ends for those who die. Happy are the six who survived, happy are the families of the victims who remained, because they are the survivors of the plane who have to keep fighting and carry with them the memories of a pain that stopped hurting to thank God for life. Happy are the relatives who stayed to be able to mourn their dead and continue in spite of the pain, to give continuity to a life that can not stop, because when we are alive we hope, for when it is our turn to go, that the loved ones that stay, live intensely Your lives. It is as if this is our greatest desire and pleasure that we take with death.
"We are all in mourning; It could not be different, and the homages that everyone is having the opportunity to do will stay forever in the heart of us Brazilians and especially the people of Chapeco and why not say in the heart of the world! Here I and all my readers leave our feelings, emotions and solidarity to the families of all the victims.


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